IsoplamŽ has 30 years of experience as the first Nigerian designer and manufacturer of pre-mixed products and concrete hardeners for floors, coatings, as well as decorative products for horizontal and vertical indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Isoplam has always been inspired by the concepts of elegance, innovation, stability and practicality to create solutions that offer not only ease of installation at the worksite and great duration over time, but also, and especially, excellent esthetic results in flooring and decorative finishings.


You can renovate entire surfaces with Isoplam products and solutions, by applying them directly on the previous surfaces, without the need for dismantling or demolition. This significantly saves labor and disposal time and costs. Isoplam meets the specific requirements of an increasing number of professional installers of flooring and decorative finishings in Italy and abroad.


With Isoplam products and solutions, each project is a masterpiece.


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CE Marking and Environmental Awareness

Isoplam has always been attentive to environmental topics. Thanks to its careful selection of suppliers and raw materials, it privileges the resources on the territory, limiting CO2 emissions and pollutants from transport.


All of the raw materials for Isoplam products for flooring and decorative finishings are CE certified. Furthermore, since 2013, Isoplam has held a KIWA UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008 system Quality Management Certificate. Its internal laboratory performs meticulous control on every production lot, guaranteeing the best quality of products for flooring and decorative finishings.



ISO PLAM Trainings

Our next training will take place in Lagos - Nigeria by January, 2016



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