Founded in 1979, Isoplam® is the top company in Nigeria in the sector of premixes for floors and decorative coverings.

Love for our work, a spirit of innovation, determination and respect are the values on which Isoplam® was founded so many years ago. Today, those same values live again in a family tradition that is perpetuated with new generations of entrepreneurs, technicians, marketing managers, and with all the people who work every day to guarantee to the client the best possible quality products for flooring and decorative coverings.

With experience of more than 36 years, 2500 sq.m. of manufacturing installations, and more than 3000 sq.m. between internal laboratory, offices, showroom and warehouses, Isoplam® is a leader in the national and international market thanks to the constant research and development of innovative top quality products for flooring and decorative coverings.

Elegance, stability and practicality are the concepts by which Isoplam® has always been inspired, to create solutions guaranteeing not only ease of installation at the worksite and great duration over time, but also, and especially, an esthetic result of excellence in the fields of finishings and decorative flooring.

Isoplam® products and solutions allow renovating entire areas by applying them directly on the previous surfaces, on flooring or on decorative covering, without the need for dismantling or demolition, with significant savings in the time and cost of labor and disposal.

The entire staff of Isoplam® is always available to the client before, during and after the sale of flooring and decorative finishing products.

An attentive study of every individual need, personalized solutions for flooring and decorative finishings, assistance in the phases of installation at the worksite, availability and capacity to resolve every type of situation, are the fundamental elements that make Isoplam® successful in the vast field of public and private construction.




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