Training for installers

For those who wish to deepen their knowledge about innovative products and installation techniques, Isoplam dedicates specific training for installers and applicators.

Training is a fundamental moment to transmit to sector professionals the know-how and best preparation on the characteristics of products, situations of use, installation techniques, treatments and proper maintenance.



During the Isoplam training for installers, students not only learn the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for doing work perfectly; the skills are also acquired to offer the final client complete service that includes consulting and proposing the most appropriate solutions to the various requirements.

Through the training for installers, it is also possible begin a constructive dialogue with Isoplam and create a direct link between the manufacturer and installer. Isoplam is always available to develop new solutions and really meet every individual need.


Isoplam organizes courses for flooring in:
stamped concrete,
acid-stain concrete,
nuvolato concrete,
exposed aggregate paving,
stencil spray,
aggregate overlay,
industrial concrete.
It also holds training courses for installers of:
stamped walls,
decorative painting,
corten effect painting,
zinc effect painting,
artificial rocks


At the end of training for installers and applicators, a certification of qualification is issued that documents participation.

Participating in training courses for installers is an employment opportunity. It allows inclusion on the list of the authorized Isoplam operators who receive contacts for requests to perform work in Italy and abroad, which arrive daily at the company. In addition to the training, Isoplam provides all its own marketing and merchandising support to maximize commercial strategies and increase sales.


Check the dates of courses for installers and sign up immediately.



ISO PLAM Trainings

Our next training will take place in Lagos - Nigeria by January, 2016



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